Monday, February 14, 2011

Joining Eye of the Vortex - Staff Writer Extraordinaire

If I didn’t have enough on my plate already, I decided to be totally crazy and become a new staff writer for Eye of the Vortex. Eye of the Vortex is an awesome site. I’ve been reading it periodically on and off (reading when I can at work and the site isn’t blocked, not reading when it isn’t…). The site is awesome because it pretty much collects all of the cool stuff I like in the world and puts it all into the same place. I find it pretty hard to believe that I hadn’t joined their forums before, considering how big of a troll I am on so many other boards (but you probably already know that my good readers).

So, what will I be doing for Eye of the Vortex?? One might ask that question. One might assume that since I write a lot about pen and paper RPG’s here on this blog that I might be doing the same thing over there, but, if you thought that, you would be horribly, horribly wrong. I think I pretty much have the RPG front covered here and I haven’t really written much about my other hobby too much, unless I’m talking about it within the context of RPG’s.

This other hobby, you might ask, is video games.

I am a huge gamer. Video games are where I got my start. Remember, I’m a youngin. So, video games were my intro drug into the entire world of RPG’s, CCG’s, War Games, etc. So, when I heard that Eye of the Vortex was looking for somebody to write about video games, I jumped at the chance. If, for nothing else, the folks that write over there, and read the Eye of the Vortex would probably appreciate my yearly wrap-up of Tokyo Game Show a whole lot more than most of the folks here, who probably aren’t too interested in what games happen to be coming out in Japan and the status of next gen console gaming.

So, as of this week, I’m now a member of the staff over there. I still haven’t made my first post yet, but you can bet that when I do, I’ll make some kind of post about it here as well. Give it a read through and check it out, if you are so inclined.

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