Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Letters from Artorius V - Re. Industry & Technology Pt.1

To the Legatus Legionis:

My lord, it has come to my attention that I have been terribly remiss in writing to you with regard to the technology which we have found here on Kimyona. I dare say that found is perhaps the wrong word; cultivated might be a bit better way to describe this plane’s level of development on this front.

As you remember, we found this world 100 years ago and made first contact. We planted our own seed at that time – they people of Kimyona witnessed our technology and our power and realized that we were a mighty force to be reckoned with. We met with little resistance as we waved our white flag coming in peace and commerce to commune with this world’s leaders. But, our first coming was still much too soon. We saw the state of the world then and left with the same degree of freedom in which we came.

However, our first contact was a monumental event for the people of this plane. Although we thought we were observing them, they were in fact observing us. These “humans” and their like were able to reverse engineer our Void Technology. Although at first this technology was powered through very simple means, such as steam, over this last century, they have evolved and have been able to develop their own version of our Void technology. Though they do not possess the purity of the true void to draw upon, as we do, they have found in their own world a source of power which is almost as mighty – The Seed. They have tapped the Seed of Azatar and are drawing on the power of the Void inside it in order to fuel their void engines.

However, this clone technology is still very much in its infancy. They still rely very much on steam power, fueled by resources dug up from within the earth mother. Industry now in Kimyona is widespread. Many huge cities belch out filth into the atmosphere and churn out countless engines of destruction in order to fuel the great war machine which is brewing. Though politically all the current nations of the civilized world fall under the dominion of the Emperor, they fight on small scales almost continuously. What’s more is that they all foresee the coming darkness. The land is growing dark my lord, this dying world’s days are numbered, but the people of this plane do not intend to go out without a fight.

Your ever faithful servant,

Justus Artorius, Primus Pilus, Centurion of the First

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