Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Amethyst Love to Come

Chris Dias over at Dias Ex Machina has asked if the Dump Stat would liked to be involved in a sort of preview/play-test/review of some new upcoming Amethyst related goodness to come.  And, of course we said that we would.  I have really been enjoying getting into this setting for D&D 4e and I am drooling in anticipation waiting for more Amethyst like the dog in this here video below -

But, I don't have to wait any longer.  We have gotten the preview/play-test materials and they are pretty cool.  This preview pack includes several new builds for each of the classes included in Amethyst Foundations.  Can you say awesome??  It is about 40 pages of "Essentials" goodness *wink wink* get the pun.  So, coming soon, we will be taking a pretty detailed, but at the sime time every secretive look at

Amethyst Essentials

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