Sunday, February 6, 2011

MTG - Weekend Play Report - Besieged Sealed/Draft Tournaments

This weekend was very magical for me.  Though I had to spend hour and hour on a train traveling back and forth between my home near Mt. Fuji and the far side of Tokyo, I was able to get some good writing done for my Shadowrun PbP game, my D&D 4e Campaign Setting, and also, was able to play an amazing MTG Tournament yesterday afternoon.

I’m totally unfamiliar with all the lore behind the new MTG sets; it has never really interested me that much, so I don’t follow the story at all.  If I want story, I’ll play an RPG.  MTG is my competitive “Win or Die Trying” game.  I don’t play to lose.  I play to have fun and the most fun I get is through winning… so, yea… I play a lot of Tournaments and I very rarely have fun (in other words, I very rarely win :P  )

Ok.  So that last part is a bit of a lie (not the part about rarely winning though).  I usually have fun playing MTG even if I lose, which was certainly the case this weekend.  We all gathered together at a local teacher’s house around noon.  We had ourselves some Pizza (awesome, you never really get to eat too much pizza out here and it is way expensive) and had ourselves some warmup games while we waited for everyone to get settled. 

Our format this time around was 6 pack Besieged Sealed.  In this format, you buy 7 booster packs.  1 of these goes to the prize pool and you keep 6.  When the tournament begins, you open up the 6 packs and then have to build a 40 card deck from whatever you get inside.  I highly encourage those people who actually like to play Magic with their friends to give this a try rather than just opening up packs.  I almost never simply open packs anymore.  Opening packs for me has to include some kind of game, whether that be draft, or sealed.

Apparently a $5-10 card.  Nice.

The sealed format is very interesting, in that what you get is what you get.  Whereas in Draft format you have 3 packs worth of cards to build a 40 card deck, in sealed you have 6, but what you get might be all over the place.  I pulled lots of great rare cards and even pulled myself a Mythic Rare as well (Prator’s Counsel ).  However, the problem that I had some good cards, but they were too spread out.  I had a bunch of good cards in each of the colors, but no bombs.  I didn’t pull any game winners and I also didn’t pull enough good color concentration to build a really solid deck with.  I threw together a Black/Red deck, running my Red Sun’s Zenith and a few other burn and kill spells and combined that with some odd creatures.

In round 1 of the tournament, I went 1-2, which was sad, because that pretty much knocked me out of contention for the last place booby prize ( a single pack which is usually reserved for those people who go 0-2 across all three of their matches ).  I got pounded pretty hard by some big beasties and ended up losing hard.

Round 2, after a little bit of deck modification, I got steam-rolled.  Hard.  0-2 by the biggest of the Magic Veterans in the house, who, because of the way the brackets ended up aligning played down from where he should have played and I played up… lame :P  He was one of the luckiest one’s in the draft (took first place that day) after he pulled 2 of the Black Infect Knights, and the Phyrexian Hydra, pretty much automatically giving him enough amazing synergy in his deck to just sweep the tournament.

After reconstructing my deck for round 3 (which they house rule as being OK at this tournament as long as you aren’t in contention for the top 3), I put together a blue/green deck that splashed red for burn spells.  The final round, I won! Yay! 2-1, giving me one match win in the tournament and also solidifying that I would not be taking home anything for all my trouble other than the cards I pulled in the tournament (which were all actually pretty good).

That is a $6 card as well :)

After the sealed play was all over, we decided to just do a passing draft for fun.  One of my friends, the guy who plays in my Gamma World game (which is going to happen here in a couple hours – we are making new characters as well.  Yay) wanted to play, and a couple others of us wanted a few more packs as well as a bit more fun.  We made a 4 man draft and started cracking packs.  I ended up putting together a nice little Black/Green deck which mixed artifacts/beat down/infect all together for some punch.  I steamrolled through match number 1, 2-0 (ironically against the guy who had just won the sealed tournament… go figure), but in rounds 2 and 3 got whipped hard by Blue/Red and White/Green, both of which were either two fast or two big for me to get all of my medium stuff through. 

All in all, had a pretty fun day of gaming, which lasted from about noon to midnight.  For a guy who rarely has a chance to get out and play, like me, having a day with the guys to play a bunch of Magic is always a fun time.  Oh, also pulled this little beauty during my draft.  Gotta love Mythics... I wanted the blightsteel, but this here sphynx will do just fine.

And with that, all my play for the day gets paid for... gotta love draft and sealed :)


  1. I had a blast playing my sealed deck weekend. I think I would have pulled better then 10th place if I had played my Blue instead of focusing on WR for my Mirran forces. I had way too many double and triple mana cost cards in my pool though. It amazes me that I did as well as I did, in hindsight. Infest Speed was sooooo good that weekend.

  2. Infect has gotten a huge boost this set. It isn't as good as Scars, just based around the baseline creatures, but the rares in this set are amazing. They really run through things incredibly fast, especially with the green pumps that have metalcraft and the battlecry 1 cast bird things. Brutal. Just brutal.