Sunday, February 13, 2011

MTGO Weekend Draft Update

Well, since last week, I have had some pretty disappointing draft results on MTGO. This also marks the last of my drafting online for a long time. I simply don’t have the money for it :P I also don’t really need the cards so much anymore. I have built up a nice big collection and now I have pretty much everything that I would need to work with for deck-building.

In my first draft, I went 2-1 in the total match round-up. I did pretty well. I didn’t even pull anything extraordinary. A few semi-decent rare cards coupled with a half-decent grip of commons was enough to do pretty much all I needed to do. The wins were enough to get me a couple more packs towards the next draft.
In draft number 2, I didn’t end up doing very well… 0-3. It was a massively lame draft… except for all the awesome pulls!!! WOW they were awesome pulls. I picked up my first planeswalker!! YAY!! Elspeth Tirel, this beauty below, got passed to me. Couldn’t believe that. I also picked up a particulary nasty little Engine of Destruction and a nasty little Ooze.

But, apart from all the bombs, the deck was all over the place. I barely pulled any white at all so I ended up splashing to drop Elspeth… disappointing.

Today, after getting back from the inlaws, I decided to play one more draft for good measure. This one didn’t go so great. I tried. I really tried. I didn’t pull much of anything. It was all pretty lousy. I didn’t pick up any great bombs, no great uncommons, and even less good common cards. It was all a bit “meh” so that one went 1-2. I finally pulled out a win in the last round, but the early stuff is just impossible for me – another reason why I still don’t play in 4-3-2-2; Those guys are in a league of their own.

Must. Train. Harder.


  1. These are physical cards, or online cards? I'd love to get my hands on one of the original Elspeth cards (I have a gaggle of planeswalker cards, but no original Elspeth).

    I know I could get an Elspeth in one of the newer "VS" sets, but I like the original artwork better.

  2. This is the digital Elspeth... Gawd I wish it was the real one. That would be way more valuable. THis is also SOM block, so it may not be the original that you are looking for.

  3. I just cant bring myself to buy aftermarket cards, with the attendant usurious mark-ups. I dont play the game, but I purchased a couple of boxes around the time mX came out.

  4. Well, my draft days are pretty much over. I'm not willing to throw any more money into that form of the game. But, I'll probably do a couple around when new sets get released to the cheaper draft formats, just do get the commons I need for fun decks more quickly. I much prefer drafting to opening packs. I would never just go buy a box again, unless that box was for drafting with friends or for drafting online, etc. You just get so much better stuff that way. I would consider buying a box worth of cards online then using them all for drafting. You would essentially double or triple the amount of rare cards you are picking up that way - though you might not pull a lot of the money cards, you are still going to get stuff that is good in standard but not good for limited.