Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Blogging is being impaired by... my GAMING! RAWR!!

Sorry folks, it would seem as though somewhere a pig is flying or a fat lady is singing because in my wildest dreams I never thought the day would come when my gaming life actually interfered with the time I have to write my blog.

I kind of started this blog as a way to kill time and get involved in gaming again back in `08 when I was studying abroad and had nothing but free time on my hands and not much at all to do.  With no game systems other than a DS and when the only games I played were a Bot-Heavy version of free Ragnarok online and Pokemon in Japanese, I didn't have too much to do.  I had read some RPG blogs and thought I could start one of my own up since I had started reading a lot of the 4e books and found a gaming group or two in Japan. 

But now, things have totally changed.  I am besieged with gaming on all fronts.  In some ways, I am in heaven, but It is really affecting how much time I actually have to spend writing.  I am playing a lot of MTG online and have ironically found a couple people I know from a variety of forums on there too.  I have about 27 PS3 Games that have piled up over the last year or so that I have barely even touched - some of them are still in their packing (sorry LEGO Batman).  To top that all off, I actually have a semi-frequent in person group which is really enjoying the new Gamma World as well as playing some MTG in person.  We will be trying out Amethyst when everyone is together as well as some other games too.

Then there are the PbP games that I am either playing in (1 soon to be 2) and running (Shadowrun PbP).  I have had to try and balance learning new systems to play and refreshing myself on old systems to run.  I played a bit of Shadowrun in the past, but I really feel pretty overwhelmed by canon, vocabulary, and even the system of the game.

I have a bunch of new reviews coming down the line, which I hope you look forward to reading.  They may not all be good, but I tend not to actively search out games to review that I think I won't like.  Sometimes, I pick up a game and am suprised and disappointed to find something troubling, but I rarely go looking for that trouble, it just kind of sneaks up on me.

So... that all piles up and I would officially say that I am busy.  This is a good thing.  My work is slower than paste at the moment.  Every single one of my classes is busy working on projects, which means that I spend those classes watching the students work rather than teach.  Next up we have tests at the beginning of March and after that there is about a month of nothing until the new school year starts in April (the Japanese school system is wierd like that).  I have 2 weeks to follow of me watching my students work on making English Comic Books (very little prep necessary for that) followed by a month and a half of nothing at all.  So, this means that I'll have a bit more time at work to write.  It is really nice having a job where they don't mind you using your free time for pursuits like this.  I love being a teacher. 

Well, you can look forward to lots of sporadic posting over the next few weeks, but you probably won't see too much change.  I have tried to keep to a strict 2 posts a day schedule of the last two-three months, but that might vary a bit now that I am having so much fun actually gaming again. 

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