Monday, February 7, 2011

A Package Arrives - L5R, Awesome Dice, and Horse minis

The Folks over at AEG were nice enough to send me a review copy of the L5R core book. They shipped it to my place in the states a little bit after New Years, but my re-routing service takes a bit of a long time and money, so I have finally gotten the book in hand yesterday. I am really excited to delve into our spotlight of the book, but it is going to be at least a week or two before I can start to even breach the surface of this glorious tome, and I still have some reviews to finish up before that one can get any reading at all. It is a beautiful, beautiful book and given how much I love all things Japanese, you can bet that I will be delighted to review this wonderful RPG as soon as It hits the top of my pile. I finally get to apply my Asian Studies major to something related to this blog… other than all of my homebrewing and my campaign setting construction stuff.

On another note – the dice that I won in a contest over at The Stuffer Shack a while ago for my entry into their Steal this NPC competition, also finally arrived as well, just in time for our Gamma World game tonight. Not only did the dice come through, but the horse minis got here as well. Ironically enough, both of the people in my Gamma World one-shot got themselves some horses during character creation so we were able to pull the minis out of the box and throw them right onto the battlefield where they were gloriously displayed in all their honor.  I found it really funny that they came into play in my GW one-shot party night, but haven't yet made it into our Fantasy game yet... You should go get some of these at all costs, which really isn't that much cash at all. The horses even lived through the game, though their PC counterparts did not.

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