Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Awesome Shadowrun Character Art Continues

I have some more awesome pics by Obidancer to show off today, this time of our techie Nazira.  Here she is in both her formal day to day where on the left, and her Shadowrunning techie gear on the right (the camo is more of a fashion statement, when it comes time for the running though, Nazira is all business).

Aren't these just awesome.  I will have to, at some point, ask him to teach me how he does it.  I dig this very, very much. 


  1. Pretty dam cool if I say so myself.

  2. The green skin just makes me thinks she's sickly, which means I do not want to touch her.

  3. @Shinobicow, thanks for the compliments and advertisement. It's nice be appreciated and be able to share my hobby with people.
    More art will come for this shadowrun campaign for sure, and if any one need commissioned work, don't hesitate to contact me.

  4. Yea, these are just great. I will get more posted as they come out. I can barely keep up posting all the cool pics you make for this game. You're too fast... ;)