Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts - blame the remodel

It has been relatively quiet on the posts front here.  Sorry about that.  I was out due to family obligations for part of the weekend and have been either deep into my video games or have been working on this blogs remodel in my spare time.  That has put a bit of a time crunch on my actual blogging.  I have however completed most of the remodel now and think I will be able to update much more quickly and easily in the future.  You can see that I have updated the top navigation bars and where they lead to better reflect some of the varied content that gets brought up here on this blog.  It will always remain an RPG focused site, but all of the other CCG, Board Game, Miniature Game, and Video Game posts were just getting lost.  This way you will have a very easy place to find them (rather than using that pesky little tag cloud which I may get rid of all together...).

I have also updated my legal section on this site, which hopefully, will keep me from getting sued.  I believe I should be pretty much in compliance across the board now, which means I can stop worrying about drawing corporate rage and work on the whole blogging part of whatever this project of mine is.

I hope you find these nav bars easier to navigate.

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