Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spotlight - L5R Kickoff!

Well, it has been a long road leading to this point, but, triumphantly, I am ready to kick off my review week of the 4th Edition L5R Core Rule Book.  I got this as a review copy and have been literally glued to this book for about the last two weeks.  I have been delving deep into both the setting and the system and feel like I am now prepared to tackle this monster tome of a roleplaying game.

L5R produced by AEG is, in my opinion, one of the lasting juggernauts of RPG's.  I was a pretty big fan of the game when it was out in its previous edition, because of my love of Asian settings, and I have a lot of those roleplaying books still locked away at home in my gamer trunk (this has spilled over onto several bookshelves now).

L5R is a game based around several Asian Cultures, most prominent of those being Japan. Since I'm such a big Japan nut, and have a major in Asian Studies, live in Japan, etc. etc. I thought I would probably be a pretty good person to give this a review.  The game came out some time ago, but it is still worth talking about now. 

I will say right up front that I was totally blown away by the quality of the book in every single aspect.  The artwork is fantastic and in full color.  The book itself is of superb quality and the cover is brilliant.  The formatting of the book is perfect; the sidebars have almost as much visual impact as the actual artwork of the book.  You would not be wrong to buy this book simply to have on your coffee table alongside other art books.  It has been said many times, but really, this is the best looking book put out this year, hands down.

But... what is inside this book?  That is what I will be talking about considerably this week.  And, consdering I have made about a dozen characters now, you will probably even get to see a few of my character creations up on the site.  Stay Tuned!

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