Sunday, February 13, 2011

This is My Game - Birthday Presents Galore

You all know how much of a sucker I am for random contests right? Every so often, somebody will be having one and I usually throw in an entry. This time around, Thadeous Cooper from This is My Game, was having a special birthday competition to mark the one year anniversary of his site.

I read This is My Game pretty frequently. I follow Thadeous on Twitter and even listen to the DM’s round table every once in a while (I’m dying to get on that show eventually, but time changes being what they are, it’s always getting recorded when I’m right dead smack in the middle of teaching some English… bummer).

If you haven’t gotten a chance to read his blog, you really should make the time. It’s worth having in your RSS feed for sure. It’s one of those many blogs that I read and just have not had the time to add into my blogroll (construction sucks… yea yea).

But, onto the winnings. I’m really pumped about this. The giveaway for this one was a Dragon Chow Dice Bag. I have been salivating over one of these for a long time; given the review that Stargazer’s Michael Wolf did recently on his blog about them, this urge to purchase has only gotten stronger and stronger. I’m a dice collector, so the more dice bags the merrier. This will be an awesome new piece and I will be getting one hell of a lot of use out of it (sorry for the adult words but it is really hard to hold back the joy).

I’ll write more about this dice bag once I get it, but the one that I will hopefully be getting sometime in the next couple months (my rerouting service is sloooowwww) is the Cherry Blossom Spring and Cyan Dice Bag which retails for a incredibly cheap $12.00 (shown above). Awesome.  You should go pick up one of these babies for yourself. After I get this one, I’ll probably be shopping for these when I hit my next big gaming con.
You should go take a peek at This is My Game and at Dragon Chow as well. They both deserve the visit and the patronage.


  1. I have to admit the dice bags are indeed a gorgeous item. We've been fortunate to have a little support from the folks that supply these bags to celebrate our anniversary. Thanks for the shout out of our site!

  2. Oh for sure. It deserves a shoutout. Very awesome bags indeed. Can't wait to get this in the mail. Thanks for having contests and constantly awesome content to match.