Sunday, February 6, 2011

XDMC 25 - Create a Mount!

OOOH this one is going to be so much fun.  There are two entries up already and I will be working on mine tonight or tomorrow.  You should definitely go check out this month's competition on the WotC Forums - XDMC 25 - Create a Mount!

Here is the overview for this month's competition.

XDMC 25: Create a Mount!

Welcome to the twenty-fifth Expert Dungeon Master Competition! The primary purpose of the Expert Dungeon Master Competitions is threefold:

• To create a resource for new Dungeon Masters drawing on the vast talent pool of the experienced Dungeon Masters of this forum.

• To create a fun and vibrant competition that is sportsmanlike and friendly.

• To showcase the creativity and talent of Dungeon Masters like you.

The best way to keep informed about the competition is to join the Expert Dungeon Master Competition group. There you can review the rules, archives, and future contest ideas, and get broadcasts telling you when new competitions begin and when results are released!

The topic for this competition is Mount. You are challenged to come up with a novel and usable mount that non-player and player characters alike might use. Rules for mounts can be found in Dungeon Master's Guide, p. 46, and in the online Dungeons & Dragons Compendium. Sample mounts can be found in the Monster Manuals, Monster Vault, Adventurer's Vault, and the online Dungeons & Dragons Compendium.

Required Elements

In order to enter this competition, your entry must fulfill the following required elements:

• Block: Provide a complete stat block for your mount. The mount must have the mount keyword and at least one power with the mount keyword.

• Description: Describe the mount's appearance and typical behavior.

• Lore: Set forth the Lore that heroes would know of the mount with a Skill check.

• Riders: Describe those who typically ride this mount.

If you do not meet each of these required elements, you will receive a score of zero in Themes.

Optional Elements

You must meet at least three of the following optional elements:

1. Companion: The mount has a stat block that lets it serve as a companion, using the companion rules in Dungeon Masters Guide 2.
2. Diet: The mount has an unusual diet that requires its owner to make a special effort to satisfy.
3. Headstrong: The mount has an agenda that it might pursue against the rider's wishes.
4. Key: The rider must be enchanted with a ritual, have completed a quest, or possess an item, feat, or power, in order to ride the mount safely.
5. Lumbering: The mount has no method of moving more than 5 squares with a single action, but is still valuable as a mount.
6. Odious: Possession of the mount has adverse social consequences for its owner.
7. Passive: The mount has no attack powers of its own, but enhances a rider's capabilities.
8. Rare: The mount is unique, or there are fewer than a dozen of its kind.
9. Speed: If the mount does not move at least 5 squares in any turn in which it is ridden, it explodes.
10. Topsy-Turvy: Humanoids must ride the mount in an awkward position (such as upside-down).
11. Unnatural: The mount is an animate, elemental, ooze, invertebrate, or undead.
12. Wayward: The mount is subject to "out of control" rules like a vehicle when its rider is incapacitated or fails a Skill Check described in the entry.

List the optional elements you intend to include. If you do not, the judges will credit you only for the optional elements they happen to notice.

 Sounds pretty awesome to me!  I'll be having a lot of fun with this topic over the week, though I have to admit, I'm really rather fond of one individuals Gelatinous Cube Mount that has already been entered.  It is going to be a very high bar to meet.  Good times.

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