Friday, March 4, 2011

Beastfolk - Tora (Tiger-folk) Statblock and Fluff

Easily enraged, The Tiger-folk represent a serious threat on the battlefield. They're GREAT!... in combat.

Tora (Tiger-folk)

Average Height: 5’’10”-6’6”
Average Weight: 200 – 250 lbs

Ability Scores: +2 Strength and +2 Dexterity or Wisdom
Size: Medium
Speed: 6
Vision: Low-light

Languages: Common, Tora
Skill Bonuses: +2 Athletics, +2 Perception
Versatile Weapon Masters: Whenever a Tora takes the Weapon Proficiency, Weapon Focus or Weapon Expertise feats, they may choose an additional weapon and gain the benefits of the feat for both weapons.
Blood Sense: A Tora can sense any bloodied enemy within 5 squares of it as though it had blind sight.
Natural Weapons: Tora can use their Bite or their Claws as a natural weapon in combat. These weapons have a +2 Weapon Proficiency Bonus and deal 1d8 damage.
Tiger Strong: Tora have a +2 Bonus to Reflex defense and Fortitude defense
Tiger Rage: Tora have the Tiger Rage racial power.

Play a Tora if you want …
To be a fierce natural hunter and warrior
To be a member of a culture which espouses honor in battle and never giving up
To be a member of a race that favors the Rogue, Ranger, or the Fighter.

Physical Qualities
Tora are immensely powerful in terms of their bodily structure. They are incredibly muscular, but their bulk does not in any way malign their speed. Most Tora have orange colored fur with black stripes, however, other, less common Tora tribes may have other fur color variations. Some of these lesser known tribes have white fur, or white fur with black stripes. Although these Tora tribes represent a slight variation in their social structure, they still remain largely very similar in terms of of their physical qualities.

Tora have immense moths and very large hands and feet. These limbs all make for powerful weapons in combat. Their sharp fangs make for deadly weapons; some Tora even make these natural weapons even more deadly through the use of applied poison or other enhancements.

Tora, not to be confused with their wicked, twisted cousins, the Rakshasa, the Tora’s hands and limbs move and appear the same as humans.

Playing a Tora
Tora are a somewhat perplexing race when compared to their other beastfolk brethren. They are a race marked by their own internal opposites. Though any single Tora may be intensely focused and deadly in combat, he or she may also be a poet or exquisitely kind lover outside of battle. The two traits that mark all Tora in common are their general inability to dedicate themselves to a single path in life and their incredibly high regard for honor, camaraderie, and loyalty.

First of all, Tora tend to dislike choosing a single path in life, even on a day to day, or situation to situation basis. Many Tora can be very patient to a point, but once their trigger has been pulled, they are incredibly intense passionate and short-tempered. Many are very free spirits, taking to writing poetry or waxing on about philosophy, but at the same time, they are extremely devoted to their culture, and their nation. They are renowned as being lone wolves who are rarely left alone to themselves.

Tora are also incredibly well respected combat leaders, but they dislike being in that position. Many Tora eschew choosing a leadership role for themselves, preferring to be at the front with their comrades, fighting with pride; however, their undying loyalty and love for their friends and allies, in addition to their nearly unmatched prowess at anything to which they dedicate themselves, usually puts them into a position of leadership when in groups with other beastfolk or humanoid races. Tora do not distinguish racially. Although they would rather protect a fellow Tora than a human, this stems from a sense of racial closeness and fellowship rather than racism. This is a distinction that many of the Beastfolk cannot claim to.


  1. Interesting build. I especially like the blood sense ability.

  2. Thanks. I'm kind of just making all these races the way that I would want them. Hope they don't come out to be too OP.