Thursday, March 3, 2011

Eye of the Vortex - My new column! Gaming with Chopsticks

Recently, I joined up with Eye of the Vortex as a regular writer.  I will be writing a weekly column called Gaming with Chopsticks.  If you aren't familiar with the website, Eye of the Vortex focuses on all things nerdy.  They have some great writers who cover topics ranging from RPG's, Video Games, CCG's, Boards Games, and pretty much everything else nerdy under the sun.  I highly recommend you going over to their site and giving some of their articles a read through, but of course, I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to go give my first articles, Video Game Difficulty - Do you like it Hard? a read.  Comments are always welcomed and encouraged.  If you like Video Games, you are going to like Gaming with Chopsticks!

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