Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hot Zombie Chicks welcome you to the OSNSR (NSFW?? kinda...)

So... Elf Chicks are cool too, but since I did that post on Zombies this week, guess I have a little bit of a one-track mind.  So, hot Zombie Chicks welcome you to the RPG Bloggers Network -

It's remarkable to me how fast this trend kicked in and what an impact it has had on google image search.  Type in Hot Elf Chicks now and you get the pictures of some of the bloggers posting pics of Hot Elf Girls...  hate to say it folks, but those pics are not of Hot Elf Chicks.

I'd just like to say, let's use our power for good here folks.  Whether you be a Hot Elf Chick, a Hot Drow Chick, or a Hot Zombie Chick, we're all nerds and we all play RPG's, so welcome to polyhedral paradise.

I propose we make a new organization, the Old School New School Reunion (OSNSR)- bringing old school gamers and new school gamers together in perfect polyhedral harmony.  We have been divided for too long and it's starting to suck.  Remember, the Civil War was the bloodiest war in American History and was the war that the most Americans died in!  Edition wars are stupid - let's all be friends and enjoy our nerdiness together. Are you with me folks?



  1. I didn't realize that Hot Zombie Chicks were a thing. Cool!

  2. They are indeed. Be sure to check back tomorrow. I'm doing an Underdark Gazette Post right now :)

  3. Rule 34 indeed. BTW those were all found using STRICT filtering... Google needs a NSFW filtering setting ;P