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L5R Character - Shunya Doji - Crane Clan Courtier

Among the clans in L5R 4th Edition, the Crane Clan has got to be one of my favorites.  I really dig on their entire clan history and I really like the position that they operate in society.  So, naturally, I really wanted to roll up a Crane Clan character when I got my hands on the new L5R 4th Edition Core book.

The Crane Clan is known for being incredibly powerful at court.  They have some of the greatest and most powerful courtiers across Rokugan.  So, pretty naturally, I wanted to make myself a Crane Clan Courtier.

The first thing that you should note is that when designing these characters for the blog, I chose to disregard the "suggestion" to restrict the total number of points that you could gain in character creation through the purchase of Disadvantages.  But, I didn't go too crazy... I don't think.  In my opinion, I really just prefer to leave character creation more open and so I usually don't limit this kind of thing during character creation in my games.  So, not much reason to limit myself here.

Without any further ado....

Shunya Doji - Crane Clan Courtier of the Doji Family

Shunya of the Doji family, began his life at Court at a very early age.  Shunya was marked early on to be an emissary of the Doji Family to the Imperial Court.  When he first made his appearance at the court of the Emperor, he was widely accepted and loved by many of the other Courtiers there.  He possessed some minor powers of divination, could tell a beautiful tale, and also was trained in flower arranging.  He quickly became adored by many women of the court; most treated him as a very special child.  He was a younger brother to all.  However, Shunya was never a healthy boy; he often suffered from Epilepsy, which many found to be somewhat disturbing, but because of his kind, gentle nature, he was well cared for.

In his youth, Shunya fell in love with the daughter of a female courtier, but this love was not destined to be.  The girl who had cared for Shunya immensely died of a terrible Fever that took her in the night.  Shunya would never recover from this blow and it has changed the way he treats everyone, especially his current spouse.

In his 20's, Shunya was married to a minor daughter of the Imperial Family.  This wedding marked his status in the Imperial Court and earned him the ear of those in greater power then he.  However, this marriage would also put a target on Shunya's head.  Because of the potential power that many saw in him, he became the target of several nearly successful attempts on his life.  Two attacks were made on Shunya during his time at the Court of the Emperor.  The first attack, by a group of unknown Ninja, cost him his left arm.  The second attempt, made through the use of poison, resulted in long term weakness of his body and permanant blindness.  However, because of these two unsuccessful attacks, Shunya earned even greater status at court.  He became protected by the Imperial Family and none were allowed to touch him again.

Now, Shunya remains at court.  He has an overwhelming force of personality and is cared for by his wife, an Imperial heir, as well as several powerful Bushi of his and other clans.

Shunya is a well mannered and well respected individual.  He holds up the highest standard of honor and would never debase himself through a dishonorable act.  He is very gentle and his kind nature is rewarded with kindness from most of the people around him.  However, verbally, in debate and in public, he commands attention.  He is outspoken and firm in his speech.  When he makes a statement or advises someone in a leadership position, he does it with every bit of his character.  His words force other Courtiers to take notice.

Shunya is a beautiful young man, in his early 30's.  He has dark black hair and a slender, but still muscular body.  He is both handsome and beautiful.  However, despite his physical beauty in these areas, he is deeply scarred.  His eyes are pure white and possess no vision.  Also, his left arm in almost always concealed so as not to reveal the absence of his limb.

Character Stats

Stamina 2, Willpower 3
Strength 2, Perception 2
Reflexes 2, Awareness 4
Agility 2, Intelligence 3

Calligraphy 1
Courtier (Manipulation) 3
Courtier (Rhetoric) 3
Perform; Storytelling 1
Sincerity 1
Tea Ceremony 1
Artisan (Ikebana) 1
Etiquette (Courtesy) 2
Etiquette (Conversation) 3
Etiquette (Beuracracy) 2
Divination 1
Defense 2
Kenjutsu 1

Ally (4/4)
Clear Thinker
Darling of the Court
Social Position
Imperial Spouse

Cursed by the Realm
Weakness (Strength)
Weakness (Stamina)
Lost Love
Missing Limb (Left Arm)

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  1. I hope you are trolling. This character is not even remotely playable.