Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One Page Dungeon Contest - My Attempt: Abandoned Prison for the Mystically Insane

Yay! I finally finished my entry for the 2011 One Page Dungeon Contest!

Download my One Page Dungeon Contest Entry Here! Click!!

This was my first attempt at doing something like this.  You can see the map over there to the right.  I tried to make it pretty big, but ended up shrinking the size down to fit the smallish one page format.

The idea for the dungeon was a seemingly normal set of caves, set in a small hill, but within the cave, secret passage lead to a heavily fortified prison, encased in rune-inscribed Iron, which is used to hold some of the worst mystical criminals in the kingdom.  Something about crazy, serial killer, Hannibal-inspired Wizards gives me a very pleasant chill.  It sounds like a really creepy place to make a side-trip on an adventure.

I went a bit old-school with the creation of the dungeon itself.  I've been really enjoying all the OSR PDF's and free content out there for old-school games lately, especially all the wonderful random tables.  I used two random encounter / wandering monster tables in the Dungeon.  One of them is used for the upper levels, where various people/creatures from the area around have come to use the caverns for their own purposes.  The lower, secret levels, are swarming with zombies, mad wizards, starving vampires, and other fowl creatures of darkness, magic, and insanity.  I did my best on it, but I admit, it's really hard to get all that info onto one page.  My eyes may have been too big for my word processor on this one.  Regardless, It was a hell of a lot of fun to put together and I hope you enjoy my entry!


  1. "...and other fowl creatures of darkness, magic, and insanity..."

    So I take it here are dungeon chickens? Unless you meant "foul", that is.

    Also, the answer to your poll would depend on class, wouldn't it? Admittedly, I say this as the player of a 17 CON mage, but...

  2. LoL @ C'nor - yes, evil dungeon chickens run absolutely foul through the place. I should probably learn to spell at some point... sometimes I think I'm a pretty sad excuse for an English Teacher...