Sunday, March 27, 2011

OO! I'm on a Podcast !! - Gamer Traveler Podcast

A while back, Daniel Perez ( @Highmoon ), got in touch with me on Twitter.  He's a friend of a friend of mine from Stargazer's World and let me know that his significant other was doing her best at learning Japanese and he was interested in getting some tips from someone living in Japan and who had already studied the language (though I am pretty much the last person who should be giving lessons).  After that initial discussion, we talked pretty frequently over twitter and recently, he was nice enough to ask me to come onto his podcast, the Gamer Traveler, to talk to me about being a Gamer in Japan.

The discussion about making the podcast appearance happened a few weeks before the quake hit, but it wasn't until a week or so ago, that we were able to make the podcast happen.  Now, the much anticipated podcast is available for your listening pleasure.  You can hear me talk a bit (actually a lot) about the Japan quake, my experience growing up in a Japanese Museum (one of the reasons why I came to study, work, and make a family here), and my experience so far as a Gamer living in Japan.  Daniel's an awesome guy and he has a great podcast so I hope you all enjoy it.  Please listen to World Gamers: Greg Schuster in Japan!


  1. Thank you for taking part in it. I find the reasons why I start following people on Twitter vary, but why I keep them around is always the same: real, engaging people with interesting lives and things to say. I'm glad to have met you and look forward to keep knowing you for a long time.

    I very much enjoyed our chat. We hit a lot of interesting topics both gaming and cultural-wise, which made me very happy. You've set the bar high for future World Gamers interviews. :-)

  2. Glad that it was up to your standards. It was lots of fun recording it and I hope we can do it again some time.