Friday, March 11, 2011

Ronin -Japan Relief Edition from Highmoon Games at RPG Now

Most of you should know now had bad thing are here in Japan.  We got hit by a massive earthquake, tsunami, and are still in a state of chaos around the country.  I happen to be in one of the safest areas in Japan and have not been directly impacted by the Earthquake for the most part.  I'm fine and my family is fine, but a lot of people here are suffering.  I know that this comes right on the tails of the New Zealand Earthquake disaster, but any aid you can manage is appreciated.  To that effect, the RPG community is organizing again...

Highmoon games was nice enough to put together a relief pack which contains Ronin; Oriental Adventures, the RPG set in Tokogawa era Japan.  It uses the 3.5 Edition rules of the world's most popular roleplaying game.  It also contains a full playtest of Ronin for Pathfinder and is Pathfinder compatible.  You'll also get a 30% off coupon for Geeky Clean with the pack.  I urge you to go over and donate to this cause.  Highmoon games was nice enough to send me one of these.  Thank you very much.  I definitely don't need aid myself, but having Japanese RPG's to read right now is definitely taking my mind off of all the chaos.  I'll put together a longer post retelling a lot of what happened later, but for now, please help the cause.  Japan needs you.

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  1. It's good to see people coming up with ways to help and I'm much of the world will be doing what they can. I'm glad you are safe.
    Thank you for guesting on my blog today. A few nice comments have been left so far. Hope you are checking the comments in case anyone has any questions. It was a great post.

    Tossing It Out