Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SModcast Report - Crimson Mystical Mages 2 coming in April

As everyone knows, I'm a huge fan of SModcast, and all the other podcasts on the SModcast Podcast Network.  Well, I was a bit behind on listening to this weeks episode of SModcast because I was too busy listening to some other ones, including Giant Fire Breathing Robot, The Tome Show, and some of the other SModcast network stuff (finall all caught up after being a year behind the times...). 

The biggest news of this week's SModcast was the report that SModcast, with Stitcher, will now be getting their own internet radio station.  Starting some time very, very soon, SModcast is going to be playing 24/7.  How awesome is that?  I am very, very on board with this.  I have trouble getting enough SModcast and I'm going to be way into this in a big way (I hope that some of their daily live stuff is going to be repeated/saved so that people can listen to it later).

Other than that huge announcement, they did tease the newest episode of Crimson Mystical Mages; that show is pretty much the only excuse I have to really talk about these podcasts here on my blog.  I have talked about Crimson Mystical Mages some times in the past, but if you aren't familiar, Crimson Mystical Mages is the Kevin Smith crews version of Dungeons & Dragons.  They play their game on stage in front of a live audience.  It is D&D combined with adult jokes and comedy.  It's a bit mocking of the whole hobby, but considering that one of their own has been a D&D player for several years now (I'm looking at you Jason Mewes), it all comes off as in pretty good fun.

The next episode of the show looks like it will be coming out in April.  They will be podcasting this one live from the John Lovitz comedy club; that means a significant increase in the size of the venue and it also means that the entire audience will probably be drunk half way through the show (or when the show starts... you never can tell).  Apparently, this upcoming episode is going to have the story written largely by Scott Mosier, but the one to follow may actually be written by the only D&D player in the group.  Either way, I know I'm really looking forward to this and I really, really wish that I could actually fly from Japan out to listen to this live, but that's not about to happen, so I'm stuck here and I'll be listening to it on my iTunes as soon as it hits the iTunes store. 

Keep 'em coming!  Can't wait for S.I.R. - a montly Crimson Mystical Mages would be, in Kevin Smith's own words, a massive cauldron of win.


  1. I had forgotten the SModcasts existed - thank you for reminding me.

  2. You're welcome. They are really, really good. I love listening to them.

  3. Ok, it's almost April a year later, where the fuck is it???

  4. 2 years later...still waiting...