Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Warhammer 40,000 Retrospective - Birth of an Addiction

Ah, the memories.  Today, I continue my 40K Retrospective and move on to actually getting into how I got into the game and where I started in the hobby.

I got into the game during 3rd Edition (think that 6th edition should be coming down the pipeline soon now).  After playing Mage Knights for a while, Warhammer 40K was a big step up, and it was going to take some serious cash to get involved in.  I picked up the rulebook and the Starter Set (the one with the Space Marines and the Dark Elder) and convinced my buddy Exist to get in on it with me.  We played a few games using the stuff in the box and we were both hooked in really fast.

Every once in a long while, Exist and I would make a trip down to the semi-local Games Workshop store and check out all the cool minis and all the awesomely painted new stuff coming in.  We were still very unsure about what armies we wanted to play, but after seeing a couple of their game nights and watching people game, we started to get more sure of ourselves and each developed an idea of what we were interested in playing.  The same FLGS where we picked up all of our Mage Knights was also a Games Workshop retailer and held 40K tournaments on Sundays every week. Usually the tourney's were about 1500 points or so, and managed to pull in the requisite 8 people every week.  We checked out those games pretty frequently before finally settling on our individual armies; seeing people play 40K tournament style only further accelerated us into the hobby.  We soon finally settled on our armies.

My Army - Space Marines

His Army -

When we first started playing, battles were heated and bitter.  Neither of us wanted to lose and we were pretty much willing to exploit any and all cheese we could to win.  A lot of our minis were not what they looked like.  I definitely remember playing a game, at least once, with a group of Space Marines as Terminators and a Rhino was actually a Land Raider (Crusader).  My bud, the slow guy that he was, took quite the long time to get all of his guys painted, but once he did, they looked quite nice in their black and shiny silver.  I went with Codex Astartes (most of the time), but occasionaly, my custom painted Purple and Grey Space Marines would show up with a different Codex and some cool new rules to exploit.  I often preferred to play with the Dark Angel Rules, but some times they showed up as Black Templar or even as Blood Angels.  But, for some reason, my luck always seemed to get pounded by those cheesy terminator wannabes... but, our love of the hobby only got bigger and badder from there.


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