Monday, March 28, 2011

Warhammer 40,000 Retrospective - Mage Knights... huh?

OK, so you might be a bit confused by the title of this post, but it'll all make sense once you read over this post.

After the Pokemon phase faded away, back in elementary school, I got started in miniatures gaming with Mage Knights.  I was about 10 or 11 at the time, and being the trend setter in my little group of friends, I managed to convince my best bud (Exist, who we are still waiting on for some Warmachine related posts) that Mage Knight sounded fun and would be a worthy way to spend our allowance and time.  Neither of us had really gotten into miniatures gaming yet, we had seen a lot of 40K being played, but our little elementary school hands (and wallets) weren't quite ready to handle a game of that nature.  So, we started out with Mage Knights.

We both got into Mage Knights on the ground floor.  We used to have our parents take us down to the FLGS to pick up Pokemon cards or used video games, and check out all the cool 40K stuff.  When Mage Knights came out, the store owner was nice enough to set up some demo mini's for people to try the game out with.  That turned out to be a great sales technique and sold us both on the game.  We got one of the Starter Packs and a couple boosters and went back to his house, and his kitchen table, to give our minis a go round.

We played the game through most of the starting editions.  I can't remember exactly when we stopped playing the game, but I think it must have been right around the time that the Polar Ice Dragon came out.  That was a great mini, but I somehow recall that neither Exist, nor I, was at all interested in picking it up.  That was probably when our fun with the game began running out.  But, that wouldn't be the end of the miniatures hobby for either of us.  Around the end of middle school, we both started moving into other hobbies, and other games.  We got into some CCG's and some MMO's, but our miniatures experience continued in our first years of High School when we finally got into Warhammer 40K, the game that we were probably meant to play from the beginning, but never had the guts to try.  Our love for that game goes on.  Next time, I'll talk about our first experience with Warhammer 40K and how I got into that game.

On a very interesting side note, I am informed by the folks on Twitter that Mage Knight's will be making its comeback in board game form sometime in the not so distant future.  That sounds awesome.  I'll probably pick it up out of pure Nostalgia.  I can't wait to see how they interpret the game on a Board Game basis.

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