Sunday, March 27, 2011

XDMC 26: Create a Racial Feature

I have been a little slow in putting this up, since there has been so much going on here in Japan, but XDMC 26 is now well under way.  It ends this Friday, April 1st, so if you're thinking about putting an entry together for this round of the competition, you best get on that!!  This month's competition is - Create a Racial Feature!!

The topic for this competition is Racial Features. Sometimes a player will approach the DM with a race-based character concept that is consistent with the description of the race, but doesn't have sufficient mechanical support. In times like that, an expert DM can fill in the gaps. You are challenged to create a group of backgrounds, feats, powers, or other mechanics that share a common racial prerequisite and a theme of your choosing.
Required Elements
In order to enter this competition, your entry must fulfill the following required elements:
Name: Name your entry.
Race: Identify the race to which the entry pertains. The race must be currently supported for player characters.
Mechanics: Describe three or more features (such as feats, powers, or backgrounds) for that race.
Theme: Describe the common theme that all of the features share.
If you do not meet each of these required elements, you will receive a score of zero in Themes.
Optional Elements
You must meet at least three of the following optional elements:
Ability: At least one feature uses an Ability score, Ability modifier, and/or a Skill in which the race otherwise receives no benefit or bonus.
Distancing: At least one feature penalizes adjacent allies.
Geographic: All the features relate to a specific geographical or planar location.
Keyword: At least one feature grants a benefit with respect to one or more keywords and a penalty with respect to at least the same number of different keywords.
Language: At least one feature is available to characters of any race who speak a language named after the race identified in the required element called "Race".
Multiracial: At least one feature causes the character to be treated mechanically as a different race in addition to their original race.
Organization: All the features require membership in an organization described in the entry.
Ritual: At least one feature allows the character to cast one or more rituals without the Ritual Caster feat.
Solidarity: At least one feature grants a benefit to allies of the same race.
Swap: At least one feature replaces an existing racial feature.
Transformative: At least one feature changes the character's origin and/or size.
Unrecognizable: At least one feature renders the character's race unrecognizable to, at a minimum, others of its race.
List the optional elements you intend to include. If you do not, the judges will credit you only for the optional elements they happen to notice.
General Rules
Following are some general rules of the Expert DM Competition. The complete list of rules is in the Expert Dungeon Master Competition Group Wiki.
Code of Conduct. All entries must comply with the forum's Code of Conduct.
Contest Duration. Contests usually run for two weeks, beginning with the post announcing the competition. The Coordinator may extend the duration of the contest at his discretion after consulting the other judges for that competition. However, such extensions should be done very rarely.
Edits Made at Entrants' Own Risk. A judge may download your entry any time after it is submitted. So any edits you make might not be considered by a judge. For this reason, you should submit your entry in as complete a form as possible. Use the preview function liberally. Once winners have been announced, entrants may edit their entries.
Images Allowed. If you want to use an image in your entry, you must first post it to your profile gallery.
Multiple Entries Prohibited. Each applicant may only submit one entry during the period in which entries may be submitted. Submitting multiple entries disqualifies all entries. Additional entries may be submitted after the competition closes, but they will not be judged.
Multi-Post Entries Prohibited. Each entry must be contained within a single post. The judges must ignore any subsequent posts.
Outside Links Prohibited. Entries may not include material hosted on a website other than the post on which the entry appears.
Plagiarism and Peer Reviewing Prohibited. All entries must be the original, exclusive work of the applicant. Entries found to be copying the work of another, or that have been posted for review prior to the close of the competition, will be disqualified.
Judges And Schedule
The contest will run from today through Friday, April 1, 2011. All entries must be submitted no later than 12:00 midnight at the end of that day (Eastern Standard Time). The judges of this contest are ChimericPhase, Johnathan_Vagabond, and Pluisjen, and the coordinator of this contest is wrecan. Good luck and have fun!!

Sounds like a lot of fun right? I know, I thought so too.  There aren't any prizes for winning, but people will give you feedback and comments regarding your entry and you get a bunch of forum cred, though I guess they stopped giving out the forum titles a while ago.  Get over to the Wizard's forum and give this one a try!

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