Sunday, April 3, 2011

According to the Old School RPG Blogger Advancement Table....

I saw over at Hero Press that they recently made it to the status of Pundit.  Congrats! The Dump Stat hasn't been covering OSR stuff for very long, but we're loving it now.  I examined the table he mentioned and it would seem that we are...

If you got that, we could probably be friends.  Not sure if I can make a good pro-wrestling joke for Pundit, but when I get there, I'll do my best ;)

Also, we've climbed up to position 86 on the list of Old School RPG Blogs.  You'll continue to see lots more Old School Content coming.  I'm thinking very hard about picking up the LotFP: Grindhouse Edition, which has just become available for pre-order.  It looks very promising.  The art alone is pretty amazing.  I'm guessing the pre-orders are going to be gone before I have a chance to get out my credit card though :O


  1. Congrats on the advancement! We enjoy your blog a great deal. Looking forward to what you have to say about Raggi's magnum opus, the Grindhouse Edition. It certainly sounds very, very cool...

  2. I picked up the Grindhouse. It's pretty awesome. Vornheim, though, might be the best release of the bunch.

  3. Grindhouse is now very high on my "to-buy" list. Might have to wait till the summer though :(