Friday, April 1, 2011

My own L5R art contest - Week 1

So after reading about Shinobicow's review of the new edition of the Legend of the 5 Rings RPG (L5R), and having had a brush of interaction with this game many years ago, I got a new found interest for this fantastic setting.

Aside from the fact it would be quite interesting to participate in a PbP campaign (hint, hint, to whoever would like to GM one :)) I decided to challenge myself and over the next month I will, each week, create one piece of Art related to the L5R setting, or at least Asian setting. Plus considering the events in Japan, I think it would be a nice tribute to this rich and greatly interesting culture.

If any other artist read this and would be interested in participating, they'd be more than welcome!

So to start this L5R month, I made a piece about the character I maybe could have played some many years ago -though the game started and finished at character creation- an Ise Zumi monk from the Dragon Clan.


  1. php l5r games get run regularly actually - usually as a sandbox court setting for about two months at a time. I'm planning to run a clue-style one this fall. If you'd like on the list for that?

    also- awesome art.

  2. I could be very down for a pbb l5r game. Sign me up. I'm sure Obidancer would love to play as well :)

  3. Then I will keep you both in mind for it. :3