Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spotlight - Leverage RPG - Setting(s)

We're back today with more on our continuing Leverage RPG spotlight.  Today's topic is going to be about the setting that is used in the Leverage RPG and related topics.

If you watch the show, or have seen the game, you probably understand that the Leverage RPG is set in our world, in present day.  It is a game which focuses on the evil corporations that cause harm to innocent civilians.  It is very much a world based on reality.  You know what the world is like right?  Using that as a basis, you really already understand all that there is to the basics of what you would call the "setting" for the Leverage RPG.  Your characters are all very wealthy and money is unlikely to be a problem for you (since you could always just steal as much as you need anyway) so you're never limited in your jobs to just one locale.  You should feel free, with the game, to go globe-trotting.  Head around the world and pull of Jobs in exotic locales.

If you aren't up on world cultures and history, or don't know your geography, bust out your laptop, head over to wikipedia and you can get as much information about the real world as you want.  Pretty easy huh?  No need for extensive setting books because this modern RPG is pretty much as real as it gets.

Well... at least that is what the Cortex Plus rules say...

But, like a few people that have posted in the comments of this spotlight, the rules are pretty open when it comes to the world of the game.  This RPG is one of those games that falls between Rules Heavy and Rules Lite and the system is free-form enough that it could be pretty easily adapted to just about any time-period based setting you could think of.

Let's say for example, that you want to play Leverage, but you want to do it in the future.  Great.  Your hacker is going to be very, very happy.  The rules system allows for that nicely.  Because of the way that the rules system handles things like Equipment i.e. Assets, you're not likely to have any problems adjusting the way these Assets are handled in a different time period, such as the future.  It's a very, very easy process. Someone in the previous comments remarked that the TV show was a lot like the Shadowrun RPG except that the technology was all dumbed down. I would say that you could run the Leverage RPG, in the Shadowrun Setting, very nicely, without having to deal with all the heavy duty number crunching that a game like Shadowrun comes along with.

However, let's not just go to the future with this, let's take a look at the past as well.  If you're like me, and enjoy playing Fantasy RPG's (we all do) than you're likely in for a treat with the Leverage RPG.  I could see this game as being very fantasy friendly.  It wouldn't be too hard to redefine the hacker roll into some type of magic user then simply play the game from there.  Your team of fantasy con-artists will be your fantasy world's robin hoods as they steal from rich, evil Necromancers, and give those gold pieces off to the people that need them more.

I give the Leverage RPG some major points for putting together a game system that is capable of doing all these different things with setting changes.

Wait... I haven't talked about the system yet... OK! You caught me!! I haven't talked about the system yet.  Stay tuned tomorrow and I'll be right on it.  Got some episodes of Leverage to watch and then you'll get your system post.



  1. Dude, don't be so anti-necromancy! The medieval fantasy hacker is OBVIOUSLY the necromancer, and the bad guys are the noble establishment who are repressing the peasants!

  2. Well put sir. I believe I might have to agree with you on that one sir :)

  3. What happened to the other posts about Leverage then?