Sunday, April 3, 2011

Warhammer 40,000 Retrospective - How my Hobby Died, and was Reborn

At some point, I think in my senior year of High School, the one person who I played the most 40K against, lost interest in the game.  He moved onto other stuff, mostly World of Warcraft and other video games.  He was playing a lot more competitive CCG's and having more fun with the big payouts he was getting with those.  I wans't as competitive as he was, but as his interest teetered off, so did mine.

I stopped playing in tournaments because I had to run them every week.  That was right about when I started working for the FLGS as the assistant manager; I got a promotion and that promotion meant having to run weekend tournaments.  Having to run tournaments for the only store that really hosted them in town was pretty much the death sentence for my experience with actually playing the game.  I still bought lots of minis, and painted them at work when the place was slow, or when somebody wanted a painting lesson, etc., but I never really played anymore after that.  In fact, I don't think I played a single game of 40K after they changed the rulebook from 3rd edition to 4th.  It was like the edition war with D&D except with wargaming instead of RPG's.

The last thing I bought though, before quitting my job, and leaving the store, pretty much for the duration of its ownership under its owner at the time, was a small, but potent, force of Space Orks.  I picked up 2 Battle Boxes, several boxes of Storm Boyz, and some bikers.  After I quit, I never even opened up most of the boxes, and one of the Battle Forces went missing.

But, this last summer, before moving here to Japan, I went through some of my old hobby stuff, and tried to find some things I could sell off.  Warmachine was growing in popularity again, so my Old Khador Minis got picked up really fast after a guy found my listing for them on Craigslist, but the Orkz didn't move as quickly and I got to thinking that maybe I didn't want to sell them in the first place.  I held onto them.  They are all still nicely boxed up, some still in their packaging, all locked away at my house. Someday, they will be unboxed and I'll have to time begin my hobby again...

But... that someday might come along a lot sooner than I thought.  When I decided I was going to revitalize my blog this year (and started blogging heavily again in September of 2010) I did some looking around and found the Warhammer 40K universe RPG's.  They looked beautiful, at least from all the preview images over on the Fantasy Flight Website.  I was intrigued.  Over X-mas, this year, I picked up Rogue Trader.  What a massive Space Hulk full of win!

TL,DR for like this entire Retrospective.  I'm going to start covering a lot about the Fantasy Flight RPG's as I try to buy up all of their books.  I loved Rogue Trader and I'm dying to bring some information on those games to my site.  You can bet that when the new game comes out, I'll be playing it, with somebody, even if it has to be somebody I have never met, and can only play with, through an online forum.  PbP, whatever.  Look forward to it.



  1. Shinobicow,

    I have delved into the 40K universe via the old Games Workshop 'Space Hulk' board game, but also with the current rpg/rts style games for the pc, and I think the franchise is ripe for a FPS version of WH40K in all it's glory. But never thought they'd bring out an RPG version of the game.
    So I shall be reading with interest your findings and opinions on this glitteringly dark universe.


  2. PS - thinking about it logically, forget a WH40K FPS ... bring on the MMO!

    Think about it - a combination of an EVE Online-esque universe to travel around in, and your traditional MMO style on planet side. Sheer bliss ... oooh, I can see it now, delving through what seems to be a derelict space hulk drifting slowly through the transport lanes near to a jump gate.

  3. Lolz, jokes on you. They already made an FPS :)
    old PS2 Game called Fire Warrior. I liked it actually. Spent about two weeks playing it as a rental back in the day. The Pen and Paper RPG's are pretty amazing. Visually, they have some of the best art out there. They're pricey, but also really, really heavy with material.

    I agree with you regarding the MMO. I think one is perhaps in the work right now actually. There is a lot of talk about a 40K MMO coming out and mimicking the Warhammer Online MMO. But yea, something that crosses between something like EVE Online and something like Borderlands would be awesome.

  4. I feel abit of the same. Haven't played in over 5 years, yet I still buy the models occassionally to build & paint. I picked up the Deathwatch rpg as inspiration for a new battle force. Can't find anyone else to play it, so it may be making its way to eBay.

  5. Well, you could always send it to me... don't have any game books to trade, but I can and will gladly pay for it in yummy Japanese snacks ;)