Thursday, May 26, 2011

XDMC 28 - Muster a Constabulary

Do you know what a constabulary is?? If you do, you're going to like this month's Expert Dungeon Master Competition hosted over on the Wizards of the Coast forums.  This month's topic is:


Here's the starter post that kicks off the competition this month.

The topic for this competition is Constabulary. Player characters often work outside the law, but are also generally trying to uphold the law. This can place them into a strained, yet dramatic and often entertaining, relationship with the local government. You must design a constabulary that is charged with enforcing the law in a population center who will interact with the player characters in entertaining and memorable fashions.
Required Elements
In order to enter this competition, your entry must fulfill the following required elements:
Name: Name your entry.
Constablewick: Describe the area in which the constablulary has jurisdiction.
Leadership: Describe the individuals in charge of the constabulary. You may, but need not, include stat blocks for these individuals.
Roster: Describe the composition and organization of the constabulary. You may, but need not, include stat blocks for these individuals.
Friend and Foe: Describe at least one encounter in which the constabulary might support the player characters and at least one encounter in which the constabulary may oppose the player characters.
Optional Elements
Your story must include at least three of the following optional elements:
Bigoted: The constabulary either favors or disfavors one specific faith, race or culture.
Disreputable: The constabulary has a poor reputation in the constablewick, whether deserved or undeserved.
Elite: The constabulary acts only when the constablewick needs its specialized expertise.
Inhuman: No member of the constabulary is humanoid.
Insubordinate: The constabulary directly or indirectly supports an agenda opposed by the entity it ostensibly serves.
Military: The constabulary also serves as the constablewick's military.
Nongovernmental: The constabulary does not work for the government, but rather (i) for coin, (ii) for a guild, (iii) for a church, and/or (iv) as a vigilante organization.
Police State: The constabulary controls the entity it ostensibly serves.
Rural: At least one of the encounters does not occur in an urban setting.
Secret Police: The entity the constabulary ostensibly serves does not officially sanction or recognize it.
Voluntary: Those members of the constabulary who are not in leadership positions receive no remuneration for their participation.
List the optional elements you intend to include. If you do not, the judges will credit you only for the optional elements they happen to notice.

You can read the rest of the rules, etc. in the forum thread itself.  The deadline for this one is midnight on the 10th of June.  That's coming up pretty quick!

Sounds pretty fun right?  I am excited for this one and will probably put together an entry.  A couple people, myself included, have already talked about rolling up some of the more famous Constabularies out there... Batman, The Doctor, etc.  Give it a try and see how you do.  This competition always proves to be a great place to hone your writing skills.  It's worth the effort.

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