Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Giant Fire Breathing Robot Approaches!

Don't you dare close your eyes! The Giant Fire Breathing Robots are invading!!  If you're not familiar with them, Giant Fire Breathing Robot is both a web site and a podcast which covers all manner of nerdy, cool stuff.  You can find their podcast on iTunes or off of their website.  I have been a pretty big fan of the podcast for a long time, at least the last 9 months or so I'd say (I think I started listening when they were still in their 20's or so).

The show, which is put out twice a week, covers topics including anime, RPG's, comics, and board games.  They are the self-proclaimed "Talk Radio for Generation Nerd".  All of the folks on the show have a really fun, geeky banter, and they seem to actually like each other, which is a real plus when you're listening to someone talk for an hour on end.  They also like to use adult language, which is really great, because honestly, I like knowing that I am not the only person who  curses like a sailor.

GFB Robot is not just a podcast; they have an awesome website which covers all kinds of geek related stuff.  They have quite a bit of RPG related, and board game related content, which makes this site highly relevant to the interests of the collective RPG blogosphere. I'm

But, one of the other awesome things about GFB Robot, is I will now be writing for them! I have been in talks with their Editor in Chief Andrew, the host of the podcast, about writing for them and helping them fill a spot in their anime department.  It should probably come as no surprise to you that I'm a big anime lover.  I had an anime blog at one point, which never really went too far (it actually died when I decided to focus on The Dump Stat).  Living in Japan, I get to catch a lot of stuff on TV before folks in the states get to see it, and, I also live really close to some of the biggest anime centers in the world, namely Akihabara, but also the biggest manga and anime conventions such as the bi-annual Comic Market (Comiket).  So, you'll be able to hear my thoughts on anime once a week over on their site.  You can check out my author feed in order to see all of my  articles, the first of which, a short newsy bit about Durarara!! coming to Adult Swim very soon, is up now. I highly encourage you to explore the site and check out what they have to offer.

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