Friday, June 10, 2011

RPG Blogger Carnival - Wrapping it all up!

Well, it's come a bit late, but I do declare the May 2011 RPG Blogger Carnival as closed! It has been a pretty good one, I was satisfied with the turnout of posts.  I have certainly seen months with considerably more, but given the fact that I was not really able to do as much as I wanted for the month, I am really happy with all the contributions.

So, let's talk about those contributions.

Berin Kinsman provided three great posts this month.  The first post provides a fantastic little intro to this month's carnival.  He actually does a better job of it than I could ever have with his post:  Mixing Genres.  He also has provided two great posts regarding Kitchen Sink Settings and the different ways to pull them off:  Samurai Jack Style and Encounter Critical Style.

My old friend, Dyson Logos, of A Character for Every Game, was nice enough to add in his contributions as well with: Genre Bending With Dream Park and Cybercelt - Where Slaine Hacks the Corporate Masters.  He is, as always, elegant in both his prose and his presentation.  Good stuff.

Da'Vane actually pointed out that their RPG D-Jumpers is an RPG that focuses very closely on mixing Genres.  You might want to check them out.  They are doing some cool stuff and could really use some feedback regarding their current RPG line in order to improve those games.  In addition to the RPG's which they already put out, they even put out a couple articles for this month:  The Gate Keeper Redux and Genre Blending.  These posts range in topics, but the first one, which I found really interesting, talks about running a Dimension Hopping campaign.  Good stuff.

This month, the Random GM put together a great little table for mixing Genres.  You should check it out: Genre Mashups Table.

We also had contributions by quite a few other people with topics ranging from Genre Bending in Munchkin to how to blend Sci-fi into Fantasy.  Check these out below:

The Pendulum Method - In Which the Warlock Swings on the Pendulum Once More

KORPG Games - Dinosaur Wranglers d6-lite! an actual 1-page RPG!!

Nuketown - Crisis on Infinite Munchkins

This is My Game by @ObsidianCrane - Acrana Punk: A World of Magic

Grumpy Old Gamers - Putting Your Own Twist on Genre Mashups

Surprise Round - Genre Bending

Dark Dungeons 2nd Edition - Mixing Sci-fi into Fantasy 

The RPG Guy - 4 Tips to Combine Genres for Your RPG

Wombat's Gaming Den of Iniquity - Crossing Genres

Seriously people, great stuff!! Thank you so much for your contributions.  I am really afraid that I might have missed somebody.  I should probably have turned trackbacks on for this, but I'm really behind the times when it comes to tech and internet stuff.  If I did happen to leave you out of the wrap-up, just post a link in the comments and I'll edit the post to include your contributions! Thanks again everybody for your help with making May a month of genre bending good times.


  1. *raises hand*

    And if it's only me you missed, I think you're doing well!


  2. Very sorry I missed that one! Adding it in now :)