Tuesday, July 12, 2011

RPG Blogger Carnival - Bad Ass Gaming - The Most Badass Kickstarter Ever!

You all know how much a fan I am of the RPG Blogger Carnival! Right?!  Well, this month, the Carnival is being hosted by none other than Nevermet Press!! How cool is that?  I had kind of liked there original idea for the carnival this month - technology at the gaming table - but the new topic is just as... well, BADASS!!

So, I guess the big question to you is...

What the hell actually is Badass???!!!

I find the term Badass to be a bit vague.  I love the term, but everyone really has their own definition for the word and so I guess it really all boils down to personal choice.

For me, Badass is all about emotion.  There are points in a TV show or in a Movie that you can point to and say "that was Badass" as you get that little snicker on your face.  The movie 300 had a lot of "That was Badass" moments in it... hell, the whole damn movie was full of Badass moments.  It was a freaking Badass movie.

Instead of talking about the Badass RPG's I've played, today, I really want to bring to you one of the most Badass RPG's that I have never played.  In fact, I don't even know if the game is done yet, but it looks like it has some serious potential.

A friend of mine, one Mr. Highmoon, directed me to this game and I have to say it looks so BADASS!!!  I am always really happy to see all of these RPG's getting backers and getting completed.  The development of the game seems to be pretty cool.  The fan community for the game has had a huge impact on how it has come together, and it seems like they have some big plans for the Far West "franchise" going forward.  If you check out their Five Movements, they even have plans to develop a web series based off of this.  BADASS!!

One of the things that I like the most about this game is how much the artwork reflects one of my favorite little movies, "Sukiyaki Django".  That film is BADASS!!  If you haven't seen it, you need to go and check it out.

If I had my way, I think I'd be playing this game on a weekly basis.  Check it out and if you have the spare cash, back the project.  They are getting really, really close to finishing it up.  Take a peak at the website for Far West as well!

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