Thursday, July 28, 2011

What's Coming Down the Road

Well, it has been a busy couple of months and I am officially derailed from my goals for posting this year.  I hoped to be able to dedicate more time to the blog, but it just hasn't been working out as I had planned.  Family life and work have gotten in the way, but that is all changing soon!!  YAY!!  I am currently on my summer vacation, which means that I have to come to work, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  Wow.  The Japanese education system is pretty crazy.  No actual work to do, but I do have to sit in the chair at the desk and try to get things done.  What this basically boils down to is 8 hours of down time away from the kid and the wife and away from any usable video games... this means more time for the blog and for reading through RPG books.  Thank god!

So, now that I can sit down and think about the blog and what I need to work on, I thought it would be nice to kind of give a bit of a preview of what will be coming for my site.

One of the things I am most excited about this summer is going to be the series of game reviews that I have coming.  I talked with some of the folks down at Cubicle 7 and they were nice enough to send me several of their games to try out.  You may have heard about their big news, with the Lord of the Rings RPG coming down the line, but maybe you don't know about some of their older titles.  I'll be bringing you reviews of:

Qin the Warring States - set in semi-historical China, this French made RPG is certainly very interesting and offers another option for gamers that are interested in an oriental setting outside of Japan and games like L5R.

Victoriana - Steampunk? I'm in.  This system and this setting are pretty cool and the artwork in the book is definitely interesting.  Looking forward to giving this a review in greater detail!

Legends of Anglerre - This is one hefty tome.  It runs with the FATE system, is full of some of the coolest, nuanced artwork that I have seen in an RPG that is both comic-book and old school at the same time.  Did I mention that the book is huge?  Awesome.  Stargazer is reading through this one right now as well! What a coincidence.  Looking forward to bringing you this review soon enough.  This review will be Dump Stat only! You won't need to go anywhere else to hear my opinions on how this book works. 

But, Cubicle 7 aren't the only folks I am looking forward to reviewing products for.  I also happen to have another L5R book to review! I will be reviewing Enemies of the Empire, for L5R, brought to you by AEG.  This book is pretty awesome from an appearance point of view.  The artwork, just from a precursory glance is just as beautiful as the stuff you saw in the core book.  I LOVED the artwork in that book.  This one doesn't disappoint either.  I really can't wait to give that book a review and then make use of that in my current game...

L5R over Google+ !!

I put out a call on Google+ and on Twitter to see if anybody would be interested in trying to do a PbP style game using the circle function in an experimental kind of way.  The response was pretty immense.  7 people volunteered for the game in 24 hours.  Seven.  I can definitely see some Seven Samurai jokes being brought in here.  I can't wait to discover how this whole Google+ thing can be used to run an RPG.  I feel like it has a lot of potential, even outside of the Video Chat method.  I might even try to use that at some point, but who knows. This is going to be a very big test, we'll see if our group can pass.

So, that is just a hint at what is coming from my site.  I hope you all stay tuned to the Dump State even when we aren't putting out 2 posts a week.  Game on!

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