Tuesday, August 9, 2011

RPG Blogger Carnival - Animals in RPG's: Does your pet need a new crib?

First we had Zombie Resistant houses; what's next? Well, considering that this month's Carnival is themed around Animals in RPG's, and yesterday I posted about my Hybrid Animal races, I thought I'd keep this month's theme up with a post about your pet's humble (or not) abodes.

Through twitter, I caught wind of this awesome Japanese cat house.  Literally, this place is all designed to be as hospitable to your cat as possible.  You can see some of the vertical use of space in the picture to the right.  These little shelves turn your house/apartment into a veritable cat paradise.  Check out moderncat.net to see all the pics of the house and to read more about it in the gritty little details.

Think about the design of this house and you might be able to develop some really cool pet oriented houses for your RPG Characters.  Maybe most RPG Characters aren't so wholly interested in the specifics of what their pet might be doing, but hell, you never know?? Maybe you want to play a crazy-cat-lady-wizard who really likes pimping out her castle for her favorite kitty Ms. Muffins.  Maybe your pet bat needs a really cool batcave of his own.  Adding bits of flavor into the description of your home that take into account your pets and familiars is a surefire way to give a lot of character to an otherwise standard place of residence.


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