Sunday, August 21, 2011

Some Changes Coming...

Up until now, I have had a very odd way of writing reviews (I guess).  I have tried doing a spotlight format where I highlight some of the interesting areas of an RPG book as I read through it, essentially going through my read of the book with the people who read the blog.  I have kind of started to dislike this style and will be moving away from it.  In light of that information, my current spotlight on L5R Enemies of the Empire is going to be changed into a standard Review of the book over at Stargazer's World.  I may end up talking more about the book, after the review, here, on my blog, but the full review of the book is going to be the first thing you see from here on out.  I think that is just about the only way I am ever going to get through all of the material that is piling up here on my end.  Stay tuned for when my review of Enemies of the Empire comes out some time this week, or maybe next.


  1. Personally, I've liked and admired your writing style; I think it's articulate, intelligent, informative and shows personality. But I also understand your feelings. As a blogger you often get that feeling of being stayed in what you do, and the need for a 'change' comes over you - be it for a redesign of the entire blog look/ layout, the content, or delivery - but consider this before changing anything: would you have this many followers if they didn't enjoy your writing style? Sometimes that old nut, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" rings true... ;)