Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Spotlight - Enemies of the Empire for L5R 4th Edition

Yay! I'm finally kicking off another one of my product spotlights!! I have so many of these to get through it isn't even funny.  I will be trying to get through two more of these very quickly here, then I will be getting into my giant review season of all the Cubicle 7 books I have.  But right now, I am very happy to announce that I will be starting my review of Enemies of the Empire for Legends of Five Rings 4th Edition.

You may have caught my review of the core rule book earlier this year.  I really thought the book was one of the best ones I have read through in a long time and really represented some of the best Eastern-culture themed gaming out there.

This review got bumped up a little bit, mainly because I am starting up an L5R campaign right now via Google+ (made a post about it earlier this week).  I also happen to be running an L5R home game with my wife now, which may or may not turn out to be a good time.  Either way, the combination of both of these games going off right now means that it is time to actually use some of these rules in play! which means that my review might actually have a bit more meaning.  So, stay tuned this week for my notes regarding the contents of this beautiful book.

As far as the books specs go, it is almost 300 full color pages.  The artwork is just as gorgeous as the core book, so you are already getting a lot for the full retail price, which is mercifully cheaper than the core book, but still very expensive ( $39.99 for the hardcover, but also available from for the reduced price of $23.99 for the PDF).  AEG really puts out books that you want to take very, very good care of.  I almost want to put this hardcover into another cardboard hardcover like you do with comic books.  You could kind of characterize this book as something of a monster manual aimed at use by the GM.  That is somewhat accurate, but the book is much deeper than that; it isn't just a collection of a crap-ton of monsters, it has a LOT of plot, story, history, and general fluff.  I'll go into all the contents in my next post in the series very, very soon.  Stay tuned!!

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