Saturday, October 29, 2016

Heroes & Halfwits: Episode Eight

It’s a battle against the gooey cube. 

Follow our Heroes and Halfwits Gus, Geoff, Griffon, Ryan, Michael and Dungeon Master Frank in and out of hidden rooms in the cave. 

Get my review of the episode after the jump [Spoilers]

Michael got wrecked, but not in a good way.

LOL WTF IS UP WITH THE BUBBLES. I'm sorry, but those effects were a bit much. I can't believe the production value of this show. It's pretty silly to be honest. The Gelatinous Cube is an iconic Dungeons and Dragons encounter and I feel like they did it justice. Michael got seriously wrecked by that thing. I enjoyed them trying their hardest to beat the thing. I would have let Geoff throw both the alchemist fire and the oil, but I probably would have given him a penalty for it. Then again, if the thing is close enough, it probably would have hit regardless. How do you work out throwing a bag of vials of alchemist's fire in this edition? Might be an interesting thing for certain alchemist characters, like mine.

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