Thursday, October 20, 2016

Heroes & Halfwits: Episode One

D&D with the Rooster Teeth Crew. Two great tastes that taste great together.

I've been a huge fan of these guys for so long; I have autographs from the entire original crew of Red vs. Blue that I've collected from my various convention trips. I'm going to link these here every time I watch one of them. Stay tuned with me as I stay tuned with them.

I gotta say, I had a lot of fun in episode one. These guys are great. Geoff hasn't been a part of the podcast for a long time, which is sad, but he's busy. We understand man. Neither has his significant other, who is a masterful part of the squad here. Gus is my all-time favorite. His take on life is so unbelievably similar to mine. I think If I could hang out for a day with anyone from their crew it would be him, but based on his personality, I'm sure he wouldn't want to have someone hanging around with him for a day.

Michael is gonna get good in this show. I'm just waiting for the rage-quit when he starts rolling critical failures.

The first episode was so much fun. I had a blast with this show. The table talk was great. These guys are hilarious and I think they make D&D games look good. Every game I've ever been in has wished that they could be having as much fun as these guys. They might not have been the most impressive group of adventurers, but they were certainly some of the snarkiest.

The digital tabletop that the Heroes and Halfwits crew is using is absolutely insane. It's so utterly impressive. They don't mess around at the Rooster Teeth corporation. The terrain was sick and wonderfully visual, perfect for recording a live game of D&D. This makes me want to go out and build some sick terrain, even though I'm not running a local game at the moment. That's going to be something I have to get onto as soon as I can.

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