Thursday, October 27, 2016

Heroes & Halfwits: Episode Six

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Published on Jul 15, 2016Heroes & Halfwits! Join our heroes Gus, Geoff, Griffon, Ryan, Michael and Dungeon Master Frank as they journey into the dark damp mouth of the cave.

My take on the episode after the jump [Spoilers]:

So, yet another awesome episode. Michael... that jacket... awesome. I need one. Tell me where I can buy it. Bo Jingles, you continue to inspire us with your epic Bardic wordplay. Keep up the tunes buddy. We need them. The show is getting into combat pretty seriously now. They have journeyed from sex jokes and messed up dreams last episode to fighting Kobolds and Kenku in the jungle. Journeying into a real dungeon though is pretty cool. I am still pretty damn impressed with the digital tabletop that they are using. The wall pieces that they have for it are equally impressive. Orma, the barbarian is probably my second favorite character. She is doing some serious work. Rock on with your Barbarian self m'lady.

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