Friday, October 21, 2016

Kaladesh Draft Report - SoCal Games and Comics 10/18/2016

I drafted mono-green. Maybe not such a great idea.

So, tuesday night came again this week. Hopefully it comes again next week too. I'd be thrilled. Tuesday means MTG drafts down at the FLGS. In my first draft this month I went 2-1 with a B/W fabricate all-in deck. This week, my draft went considerably different. I didn't draft into one of the archetypes that is predominant in Kaladesh. However, I did draft into some sick, sick green cards.

This was my first pick. Good draft.
The above would be one my sick, sick green cards. Good lord. In the very first pack I open I find this beast. $16 card. Instantly paid for my draft. Thanks. I'll be back again. Once I pulled the money card for my draft I wasn't so concerned with winning and losing the tournament. I hoped for victory ,but didn't really care so much.

This was a pretty typical board for me.
The elves were out in force in my deck.
Honestly, I lost the tournament pretty badly. I won't elaborate on all of the rounds because my deck's showing was pathetic. The main combo that I was using, Key to the City with big ass token laden creatures only works so well when your opponents have kill spells. So, the end result:

Round 1 - Loss 1-2: I got destroyed by Red/White Aggro

Round 2 - Loss 0-2: I got destroyed by Black/Red Aggro Artifacts

Round 3 - Win 2-1: I barely held on and won when my opponent had terrible luck with draws.

What did we learn?

Aggro in this meta is REALLY strong. I think probably everyone but me knew this, but I guess that's pretty typical. I'm slow on the uptake, but you can rest assured that next time around I'll be drafting for a speedy kill. Red/White is calling my name.

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