Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Monday Night Draft at Ryan's Comics

Too bad it never did anything...
Look Ma Another Gearhulk!!

A long time ago, in a lifetime away, there was just one hobby shop in the inland Empire. It was called Fun 'N' Games. I worked there in high school, but before I became a hobby shop employee it was pretty lonely when it came to gaming. Then, another shop moved to town, and another, and another. Pretty soon, we had 3 comic/hobby shops in the area; there were also a fair number of little shops selling trading cards, baseball memorabilia and the like. All of these shops held CCG tournaments on the weekends. Most of them were for MTG, but some held Yu-Gi-Oh as well. Eventually, the card shops closed up. Honestly, they went out of business pretty fast. This shouldn't come as a surprise to any students of hobby history over the last 10 years. Trading cards are on the way out.

When the promenade mall was built we got an anime shop - they held CCG tournaments for Yu-Gi-Oh on Mondays after school. I used to play every week. I won occasionally too. I played a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh back in the day, but my good friends dwarfed me in skill and the amount of money they could invest. I played Magic in HIgh School for a while, but I was always a filthy casual. I never had enough money to play Standard or ever hope to win, which is why I started playing Draft. I have never won a tournament for MTG, but I've always held my head high and tried my darndest to place.

LAST NIGHT I TOOK SECOND IN DRAFT!!!!! It's a miracle. A bloody halloween miracle. Read on for the full report, but fyi... I pulled another Gearhulk!!!

Since moving back to the United States I've been loving SoCal games and comics. It's kind of the local hang. Really great spot with really good people who are always willing to sit down and play games with you. Ryan's comics is another friendly local game store nearby, which I've only recently caught on to. They specialize in comic books, but have plenty of other goodies as well. Their board game selection is excellent and they have plenty of games you can just pick up and play in store. The store owner, Ryan, is an awesome guy and plays games with people who come into the store when they aren't busy. They have a ton of place space and TV's. You've gotta have TV's in a comic shop.

But anyway, I digressed. Here's to the draft.

Red / Green Vehicle Aggro

12 Mountain / 5 Forest Not Pictured

The deck was brutally fast and unforgiving in the first two rounds of the tournament, but I got screwed on my draws in the last round completely; drew 10 land in a row in game 2 after 3 mulligans. Completely bad. I should have done a total reshuffle, but I didn't. Stupid, stupid, stupid. The final game was actually against the person who sat next to me in the draft; we had some really good stuff passed to us from both sides and new what each other had going into it. 

Round 1 - Colors... ?? Can't recall - both games ended very, very quickly. 2-0

Round 2 - Blue/White 2-0
I'm not sure what the deck was built around, but it didn't really go off the way he wanted it to I don't think. There was a plan, but it didn't happen right.

Round 3 - B/W/R 0-2
The last match ended frantically quick. I couldn't do anything in one game, drawing into nothing but land. In the first game we fought well, but he had answers to everything I could come up with and my deck was just too slow. Good game though. The Combustible Gearhulk was played in the first game of this match, his first strike coming in handy for a surprise vehicle kill on the opponent, but it wasn't enough.

In Retrospect
During the actual draft phase I ended up pulling a lot more green cards then I needed or used. I pulled a lot of junk green, but passed on a lot of white/red. I probably would have done a lot better had I had the W/R instead of the G/R.

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