Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tina Fey, Wizlock C.S.I. for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons

Inspired by Nancy Drew

I got invited to join in another Dungeons and Dragons game which plays on Tuesdays each week (my schedule is filling up - this is a good thing). The game is run by a friend of mine, Beu, who runs the Tavern Chronicles game on twitch every sunday night at 5:00. We are on the same side of the screen for our Wednesday game, and now he's going to have to deal with me as a player in our Tuesday one. Oddly enough, both games are at about the same level. I haven't had a chance to attend the Tuesday night game sessions yet, but my character is all done. Apparently, the setting is a mix of Lord of the Rings style epic fantasy meets The Maltese Falcon; I can imagine some mystery, puzzle solving, and adventures with rapscallions. So, I made a detective... kind of.

Check out my character, which I made using ForgedAnvil's awesome character building spreadsheet. Probably best to save the sheet if you want to get a good look at it. I doubt that google spreadsheets supports the ability to use all of the sheet's features.

Like many of my ideas, I enjoy getting inspiration for characters I randomly find while doing image searches on google. I found this one when looking up a Tiefling girl with glasses. I enjoy half-demons; always have, always will. Tieflings are just as good as half-demons, if not better. Inspired by seeing Geoff play his Tiefling bard in for Heroes and Halfwits I wanted one of my own. Tina Fey over here (yea, I straight up copied her name, that's what happens when you're naming characters on the spot) is a Wizard 12 / Warlock 2. She's a smartypants and deceptively much older than she looks, but don't mention that to her because she's got a complex about it. She likes to talk really, really slowly to people that she deems as having a lower intelligence than she does; this means she talks slow a lot (people are stupid didn't you know).

I'm contemplating roleplaying her out hardcore for the game, but I'm not sure how high pitched a girly voice I can do - this leaves me with the exact opposite idea in mind, I'll play her voice like Dr. Girlfriend from venture brothers: really deep, and husky. How to explain that... maybe she will just tell everyone that as a result of making a pact with the Old Gods (part of her Warlock class) her voice has been dropped to instill fear in those around her. Or, maybe it was the result of some potion that she made when she was younger, one that went wrong - perhaps that poorly crafted potion is what led her to redouble her efforts in the subject and eventually become an Alchemist. Regardless, she wonders if maybe her deep, baritone voice is the reason she's been single for so long (I'd say it's probably a turn-off).

Her background is that of an Alchemist. In my head she went to Magic School and kicked absolute ass in potions class. She was a natural ringer with books and studies, but never made many friends. When she graduated, she went to work in a modest city, one that lacked witches and wizards for the most part, in her own little potion brewing shop where she could practice her alchemy and make money without a lot of stiff competition from other magically professed individuals - so, think of her as that snobby girl from the beginning of Kiki's delivery service, except that Tina is crap with love potions. Everything changed one day when people broke in, stole her ingredients, and made off with her potions. She went to the city watch for help, but they were useless. Worse then refusing her, they actually tried to help, but were totally incapable of doing anything of consequence. So, Tina Fey took it upon herself to find the culprits and bring them to justice. A scared little girl, armed with her best defensive magics (she likes to put up a wall between people) went on the hunt. After a few days, she caught up with the thieves. She captured them and turned them in, earning a wonderful sense of pride.

It was at this moment in her life that she decided to become a member of the watch, but not in the traditional capacity. She would join as a specialist, an alchemist and analyst - she'd become the city's first Crime Scene Investigator. No clue goes unturned. Armed with white leather gloves, a fancy set of spectacles, her broom, and a set of magical Iron Bands, Tina Fey goes to work. (She really needs a magical camera - can we make that happen??). Tina Fey leaves no stone unturned, telekinesis guarentees that for sure. However, when the shit starts hitting the fan and its time to bust out that book of spells, Tina comes well prepared with her constantly refreshing magical barriers; she can snipe her foes with her Eldritch Blasts at 120 feet or more. When that fails, Fireballs and Chain Lightning get the job done.

So, what do you think? Interesting character? Hopefully she plays as well as she is written on paper.

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