Sunday, October 30, 2016

Wednesday Night Dungeons and Dragons Pt. 2 - Did the Demon Lord Cometh?

Yea. He came. He came alright.

So, in my last post about our Wednesday night Dungeons and Dragons game I showed off the new legendary equipment that my Dungeon Master most graciously equipped for me. I was ready, with my new Kung Fu skills to do some serious damage in our adventure this week. Having tanked a Draco-lich last week, I was all ready to bust some heads. This week, we continued our journey from where we left off, walking down a long, straight tunnel filled with Dwarf statues, on our way into the Underdark. Soon, we found ourselves at Darklake.

It would be rather beautiful if it weren't so dangerous.

When we arrived at Darklake, the first thing my monk did was attempt to earn the trust of the party which she had just recently become a part of. Ahead, we were faced with the unknown. My shadow loving dark-seeing monk - with crazy high stealth, speed, dodge, and armor cares not for the fear of the unknown. So, off I went, venturing forth alone into the darkness. What my character found at Darklake was disturbing. People impaled on spikes littered the landscape. There was not a soul about who could tell of what had happened. At the docks Gracedove (that's me monk's name) found a few boats. One of those ships, a sailboat, was perfectly sized for our party.

We decided to commandeer the vessel. It would serve as a wonderful new mobile encampment for us on the lake as we made our way to the next destination in our long and arduous journey. At this point I wasn't entirely clear on what that Journey was, but I decided to play along. After we were all aboard the ship, we prepared for our trip in the best way we knew how, by casting every buffing spell that would help us against water that we could. The dwarven cleric in full plate armor lashed himself, leash style, to the main mast. I headed up to the crow's nest, and the rest of the party got into their respective battle positions.

After a while, things were going smoothly enough so we took a long rest.

While we were asleep... nothing happened. At least nothing happened to us. The party's pet dragon went on a little hunting expedition and ended up with a sick tummy. Poor guy. He puked up rotten fish for a while then settled down. Something was up ahead, lurking at the outpost that we were headed straight towards.

Our dwarf, sensing danger, cast divination on the island. What was the spectral image's response?


Despite the foreboding divination, we trudged on. Death has been pretty much the norm for the group - apparently - so nobody was really surprised. We didn't actually expect it to come up sunshine and rainbows. We're in the underdark after all. Plus, before I got here, these guys were slaying demons and greater baddies every week. Honestly, Gracedove, my monk, is a little intimidated by the nature of her companions and their quest - looking for beholder eyes is pretty damn epic, especially when you have to pry the eyes out of their heads. I hope I don't have to be the one wielding the eye-spoon in that encounter.

Eventually, we found ourselves at the outpost, a grand stalactite in the middle of Darklake. Unfortunately, the only thing we sensed from the place was a lack of living inhabitants. Found a zombie or two, but nobody who was alive to tell tale of what had happened.

We stealthed our way into the city. The thoroughfares were littered with corpses. The entire time we have been in the underdark we have been plagued by these nasty little creatures called phasers - apparently they have been brought into existence here on the material plane due to the overwhelming volume of demons in the area. While we're being haunted by these little invulnerable bastards we have chaotic magic and can't teleport. Things get pretty crazy sometimes. For example, in our attempt to buff ourselves for the inevitable encounters within this spire city, we poisoned our sorceror and drove the cleric to madness. Poor guy went insane and started lusting after body parts from the corpses we produced. Fortunately he hasn't devolved into rambling or schizophrenia. I'll be prepared if that happens. Can't be letting anyone go crazy.

My first duty as stealthy guy with good AC and speed within the city was a scouting mission. Harvey Birdman (sorry don't know our ranger's name), our Rogue, and myself split up and scouted out the territories to the North, the East, and the West. The Rogue found a warehouse which had been broken into. I found a warehouse which something broke out of (it was made by dwarfs). The bird-ranger found something, but I can't recall what. He was also whispered to... some fiend found him and started laughing, hyena-like, into his ear. That was pretty creepy fyi. Our DM is scary sometimes.

Meanwhile, the rest of their party, doing their best to infiltrate the city unseen totally failed and was ambushed. Let the battles commence!

The party was surrounded pretty quickly. Bummer.

The Drowned demons attempted to drown them. What are the chances?? Well, fortunately enough, our casters still had water-breathing up on them from the journey over. This helped totally mitigate the initial attack by the Drowned Demons. The fiends didn't really stand a chance. As the scouts gradually made their way back, the demons dropped, round after round.

I can't recall who finished each of them off for a simple reason - I wasn't there! Gracedove was a bit overzealous in her scouting and didn't get back in time for the fight.

Thankfully I still got experience.

I had really hoped to go toe-to-toe with the bastards. I can deal a crazy amount of damage in close combat now with my fists of kung-fu-fury. But, it wasn't going to happen in this particular session. We finished off the ambushers then decided on where we would head to next. Each of us scouts gave our reports to the party, then we decided to go off in the direction of the warehouse which I had found - the one that looked to be made by the dwarves.

Inside the dwarven warehouse, we found lots of treasure. Lots and lots of treasure in fact. We looted approximately 2 dozen bags of holding as well as numerous bags of devouring; we found plenty of oils and potions. Plus we found a great big hungry demon lord.

Like a mascot character trying to sell kiddie beverages, a giant Demon Lord - name of which I can't possibly spell here - burst through one of the walls of the warehouse with an angry horde of something monstrous. The encounter would have to wait for next week though. We ran out of time.

Demonlord somethingorother

The battle begins... next week. Cliffhangers suck!!

I went the entire game session without hitting anything. This is not a pleasant feeling. I feel the urge to punch someone right now in fact. I need my weekly dose of Kung-Fu violence in order to destress. Next week cannot come soon enough.

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