Monday, October 31, 2016

Zombie FNM - Who's the Lucky Winner??

I was either a young Kingpin with hair, or House MD.

Pretty slick costume huh?
On Friday 10/28, SoCal games in Temecula held their Zombie FNM. Entrance to the tournament was free with a costume. They also held a raffle - every $10 you spent in the store earned you a raffle ticket, plus if you showed up in costume that was another one. The prize for this raffle: five of the zombie planeswalker cards from Comic-con this year. That's quite a prize if you ask me. I wanted to win one of those suckers. I was filled with determination.



Round 3 of the tournament they called my name. I won the Zombie Nissa; this guarentees that it will never see play, nor be sold off. For one thing its far too cool for me to get rid of, and for another I rarely play Green (except for that standard deck I'm running...). Damn though, isn't the artwork for Nissa pretty damn sexy??

I really love the flowers blooming up around the dead Nissa. It's almost like she's fertilizer at this point. Well done elf. You're helping to further the circle of life. Seriously though, very, very cool card.

As far as the tournament itself goes, I didn't do very well. I entered into the Standard tournament and won the first game, but my opponent side-boarded in some crazy stuff that countered me hard, which knocked me out. I withdrew from that tournament to play in the draft instead. We only got five people and I don't do very well with small drafts (at least I'm pretty sure I don't). In my second pack I pulled a Green Gearhulk; that's my second green one this drafting season. Pretty lucky to be honest. I've pulled a Gearhulk in every draft so far since coming back to MTG over the last month.

My deck was black/blue/red with a splash of green. It won just a single match out of 4, but, I got a buy so took home 2 packs. Check out the deck below. 

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