Sunday, November 6, 2016

Artisan Dice

How much do you think a set of Mammoth Ivory dice run for?

Clicking the hyperlink is cheating. Check out the answer after the Jump. Jump for pics too.

Yea. Those are some gorgeous, but damn pricey dice. I wonder if they'd be so kind as to send me a set for review. Unfortunately I just can't afford the $2176 price tag. Artisan Dice, if  you're out there listening, send me a set of these and make my day shiny.

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  1. Good luck, A quick search of BBB, Reddit, etc... show's that they are simply not good at delivering customer service. Workmanship issues, long and I mean long delivery times often 4 or 5 times longer than their "estimates" in their FAQ. I waited 29 weeks for one die. They also will not issue refunds even if the product is unsatisfactory or still not in your hands. Their customer support is atrocious and their communication when there are delays or backups is literally non-existent. Honestly, while there are few dice companies using exotics as Artisan Dice does I'd rather order from someplace like Skullsplitter. Great to look at and if you can pick up a set at retail or a convention be very wary of placing an order with Artisan Dice.