Friday, November 4, 2016

Clockworks & Constructs - Sarcastic Owl Productions

Dungeons and Dragons Done Canada Style

Sarcastic Owl Production

  Watch live video from SarcasticOwlProductions on
These guys are streaming right now. Pretty damn cool.

Monday -Tuesday - 6pm EST No Control Wednesday - Thursday - 6pm EST Dysfunctional Party Friday - 6pm EST Clockwork & Constructs Saturday - Sunday -

Unfortunately most of their streaming times don't work very well for me, but I'll be hosting them in my channel from here on out, so you can catch them at my channel as well as theirs.

If I could make any comments, I'd say they could use a soundtrack and a sound check. For some reason I was getting some bad echo over my headset. Regardless, more D&D cannot be a bad thing. Cheers guys. 

I look forward to seeing more of the show.

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