Thursday, November 3, 2016

Heroes & Halfwits: Episode 11

The Heroes Go Full Godfather

Published on Aug 19, 2016

Heroes and Halfwits Gus, Geoff, Griffon, Ryan, Michael, Jeremy and Dungeon Master Frank listen to songs, drink poison, and some how come together to battle a new creature.

There may be dick sucking in this episode... [Spoilers and thoughts after the jump]

Wow. This episode. That poor drow. He may have been a slaver in life, but the poor guy got tortured. Poor tortured dude. Ryan is one dumb cookie. "I'm going to hydrate him with my maul." Michael got it right. They've all become monsters. You've crossed the line people. The Paladin doesn't approve.

Whatever. Loot the corpses!!

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