Friday, November 4, 2016

Heroes & Halfwits: Episode 12

Ryan, the 'Bane' of Drow

Published on Aug 26, 2016

Heroes and Halfwits Gus, Geoff, Griffon, Ryan, Michael, and Dungeon Master Frank decide that looking cool and working together will defeat the cave dwellers. If they can stay alive.

[Tune in after the jump for my take on episode 12 - Spoilers]

Ryan really messed up the enemies. Bane is an overpowered spell I feel. Giving enemies disadvantage is like the stupidest most awesome power in fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons IMO.
Combat is fierce, but the enemies drop like flies. Almost as fierce as Gus' chainmail hat. I love the way Frank, the DM, describes all the dead and dying. Good stuff.

Geoff was soooooooooooo close to death there. Thank god for Frank remembering that fire resistance. Poor Sanji got roasted. I'm surprised she didn't die. Geoff almost lost one of his groupies.

Yes, yes you guys are the coolest people in the world.
They loot the corpses afterwards. 87 Pounds worth of coins??!! This guy actually figured that all out.

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