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Gregory "Disemboweled1" Schuster 

Your Resident DM and Big Bad Evil Genius

How's it going everybody?

My name is Greg. I've been gaming since I was just a pup. Now I'm old and getting surly. That's probably the steroids talking though. My first experience in the RPG world was in high school. My buddy Justin introduced me to Dungeons & Dragons 3.0 and let me hold onto his books. Unfortunately he didn't get 'em back for ten years. They served me well. We used to play D&D at our local pizza joint. They gave us dirty looks because we'd spend very little money and refill our drinks for hours and hours. Now there's all kinds of internet apps for running games so I don't ever have to leave my house.

I used to run this site under the name Shinobicow, but back then it was called The Dump Stat. Maybe some people remember me. I posted for many years, but I went offline in 2011 to focus on my family and my fight to stay alive in Japan; after the 3/11 quake things got intense. In the fall of 2012 I was diagnosed with active Crohn's disease by doctors in Japan and I've been struggling to stay alive since then. Doctors there told me I'd be dead in a week way back in 2014. SCREW THAT NOISE. Too many games to play for that.

Currently, I live in Southern California. I moved back from Japan in the fall of 2015 when I was suffered a serious crash in my health. I quit my job and had to have multiple surgeries to keep my body in tact. Now, I'm freelancing as a writer, editor, translator, Japanese teacher, and twitch streamer. I am even making videos for
YouTube. Like this one for example...

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Although I write about my battle with Crohn's on my main site - www.nevergutless.com - this site holds too many memories for me to get rid of and I'm also gaming so much now that I want to keep writing. I'll be posting all of my game related ponderings here; you'll be seeing reviews, deck lists, gameplay reports, original content, whatever. I'll be writing about video games, board games, CCG's, RPG's. You name it, I'll be writing about it. Hopefully you'll enjoy the posts, subscribe, tell your friends, buy me a car, etc.

Stay classy you wonderful internet friends.


If you would like to get a hold of me, I urge you to send me an e-mail.  You can reach me easily at:

follow me on twitter: @nevergutless